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VeruTech AB

VeruTech AB is a company situated in the university city of Lund. The location in southern Sweden is optimal for serving customers all over Europe and U.S. With our technical knowledge and experience, our mission is to help companies and researchers fulfill their ideas. In our own prototyping laboratory we can produce mechanics, electronics and software in very short notice.

DiLab® and the AccuSampler®

DiLab was founded 1983 by Hans Axel Hansson (CEO, VeruTech AB). During the 90's the pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk A/S in Denmark approched DiLab with a project. The aim was to build an instrument that automatically could handle the collection of blood instead of manual sampling. The result became the AccuSampler® and with this the first step was taken in the ABS business (Automated Blood Sampling).

Our Team

Since 2011 DiLab® is a part of VeruTech AB. Our research and development team consists of persons with a true passion for technology with a vision of making user-friendly solutions to practical problems. In combination with our highly skilled service department with a stronge sense for customer relations, we build a winning team.

VeruTech AccuSampler® System from DiLab

The future of ABS...

Much have happend since the first AccuSampler. With over 700 AccuSampler® systems around the world the market has truly accepted the Automated Blood Sampling Technique.

Now that DiLab® is back with its original founders we will once again do our best to bring cutting edge technology to researchers all over the world.
Our vision is to use the knowledge from more than 20 years in the ABS industry and most importantly we will listen to our customers needs and wishes to bring you the next generation of ABS Systems.